About Us

In 2005, we purchased a 400-acre ranch in Blanket, TX, fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning a quiet place in the country. Over time we fell in love with the area, developing deep friendships and enjoying the pace of country life. Determined to name our ranch after a unique aspect of the property, we eventually decided on Moon Gate Ranch. Encased in a stone wall that leads from the front driveway to the back yard of our home is a Moon Gate, installed by the original owners. Curious about the gate, we researched the purpose and meaning of the structure and discovered the gates originated in the Far East, and later became popular in Bermuda. Legend has it that entering through the gate will bring good luck and prosperity to those who pass under it. The moon gate on our property faces a main highway on one side, and the ranch property on the other, symbolizing to us a passageway from our city life in the Dallas area to our country life in Blanket. Hence, the name Moon Gate Ranch was born.
One year, during a particularly difficult drought season, a friend of ours asked if he could place his two longhorns, Lucy and Ethel, on our property, as his own pastures were struggling under the harsh, dry conditions. We were happy to help, and soon became very fond of our two new visitors. We were surprised by the gentle, friendly nature of the breed, and decided to purchase a few of our own and build a herd.

Since that time, we have learned a lot about raising longhorns, and have become passionate about sharing with others the joy of owning this majestic icon of Texas history. Our goal is to raise elite, quality longhorns, built on a program of great genetics, ethical treatment, and Godly business principles. We will never sell a longhorn we would not buy ourselves, and welcome prospective buyers to visit us in Blanket, TX, explore the ranch, and choose a perfect longhorn to enjoy on your own property.